sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2018


In this world every body wants to be perfect. But after getting perfectionism it stops you from success. Have you ever think that perfectionism is help or hurdle. The question arises how this is possible when a perfect person is undefeatable. If you are thinking this than you are wrong because after gaining perfectionism you become very conscious about every thing either it’s your life or anyone life. It became a hurdle between you and your success. You will become superstitious and you will not enjoy your life anymore. Its does more harm than help. This world is imperfect. The idea of possibility of perfectionism is just an illusion.
1. People are greedy to gain every thing in order to dominate on each other. But they don’t get anything done because they want perfection in every thing. Your desire for perfection will became your weakness and you will never solve out this problem as it becomes the part of your nature. If God makes human perfect than human will became God.
2. You cannot attain any achievement when to involve in details. Else you can use your previous experience. And when you focus more on micro things than you will miss macro things. You will gain success when you will think that you are frail like everybody in this world.
3. After creating an image of perfectionisms in front of the world, the next problem is that you have to maintain this image. Due to which you did not allow yourself from doing many things and you are restricted. And caught up inside own rules and regulation. You have no other option than suffering this pain alone as you built walls around yourself.
4. To know that you are perfect you need help and approval of other people. You will become miserable when other people did not pass judgment or wrongly judge you.
5. Due to perfectionism you always try to meet your own created standards that will cause stress on you to follow these. You feel more fear and anxiety after you trying to be perfect.
6. You didn’t accept your mistake either you are fully responsible of it. And you will not give credit to someone else of all your progress. This belief is true that perfection exist up to some limit, bur no body is perfect in this universe except God.
7. If you are stuck in any problem than you will never seek or accept help of others. You always focus on the future not present.

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